How you interpret the themes of your life can be understood as a matter of perspective, which develop with your personal growth. Amongst my higher levels of being is what you might refer to as an “alterego”, although it is a part of me that I most often experience unconsciously, but who has, as an entity of myself, managed to piece together elements of my personal narrative and has developed the ability to read information and interpret how it connects to the human concept of time and the expansive butterfly effect - which I understand is reaching it’s conclusion - and as that time approaches - I have been taught by my guides that humanity will be receptive to their “fourth eye” ascension, which necessitates exiting our current social parallel & I feel a sense of duty to help people to comfortably live beyond the confines of the present “normal” vernacular that is dictated by the five senses we use to perceive physical reality. Which is my motivation for communicating, documenting and making so public my ever-so-personal experiences.

I say this often - the extent of the importance of my journey is only so you can realise yours. Cetra is a name I've chosen for what I think you'd understand as an alterego and I use that aspect of my being to teach, offer guidance and read tarot.

Hi! I'm CETRA. I'm a multidimensional being & an ascended master. I've been fortunate enough to manifest a life that has led me to encounters with other beings who have helped me to develop a spiritual education that I feel I can finally share. 

I believe that fundamentally: physical beings endemic to Aerth are entrapped in cyclical behaviours that perpetuate unnecessary generational suffering.
I chose to be born into a culturally and religiously dimorphous family of strong individuals who lived very separate lives & so I was fortunate enough to have spent most of my life in my own company. This cultivated in me a propensity to dissociate from the reality that the five senses commonly afford.

My Latin mother practices Christianity (though her family converted to Catholicism from Judaism for her Grandfather's political career that would eventually lead him to play a significant role in returning a land to his persecuted people) & my Middle Eastern father practices Islam. So it is simple to say this is where my spiritual roots began to form, though I'd later release both from their roles in my life.

In my infancy I had my first outer body experience when I became a little too fascinated by a dead kitten. I was always fascinated by morbidity - the kind of little child to stare at a jar of scorpions squashed into their own liquid poison - the kind to stare at a dead snake contorted in it's own fluids.

I lived in the desert - though after one very unfortunate experience - I noticed the weather was connected to my mood, as it might be in a film. The greatest sadness in my life was marked by a great flood in Dubai. 

Fast forward not-too many years later & I ended up in a Girl's school in Olympia, London - called Saint James School for Girls. The school taught Philosophy, Vedic Mathematics. Meditation & The Art of Hospitality. School was never really for me, but I truly loved some of my teachers and they created awarenesses in me that have helped me to understand the greater laws of the ever expanding Universe - such as the duty of service to others.

As a teenager I listened almost exclusively to metal & it gave me tinnitus - I spent a night in tears over a ringing sound that might never go away. This was how I learned it is possible to be sensitive to stimulus that didn't from a visible source of sound - and many years later: although the ringing is always there, I don't always hear it. In my opinion - the tree doesn't make a sound if there are no beings with the ability to sense sound, but it does send waves that ripple throughout the planet.

Years later, after a break up with a soulmate, that left me bedridden for a year - I met a friend. I would learn that there was more to relationships on this Planetary experience - this individual was some what different to a soulmate - he was a fragment of myself. Seth Speaks - a spiritual teacher on youtube would describe this as a simultaneous life. 
We met online. I ditched fashion school to visit his place - and I loved his bedroom! I entered and sat beside the Bhagavad Gita. Thus began a kind-of-friendship that would last forever. He was experiencing a difficulty with his Twin Flame and their karmic tie - and I helped him to understand her - and eventually through the understanding I afforded him, he was able to disconnect from the attachment and live some of the karma between the two of them with me, instead. Our friendship taught me that when you acknowledge a fear of being alone and choose to learn to love yourself: just enough to want to be friends with yourself, the Universe sends a being that shares your own energy. Love yourself before anyone else. 

Through this friend's connections I would move into a three-story home in Hackney with a mixed Irish Gypsy card reader who would teach me tarot and gift me my first cards - a Rider Waite set wrapped in a red silk scarf embellished with sequins. Professionally - she called herself Aerith.

Living on the top floor of Aerith's home - was an Angel in the body of an Oracle-daughter of a Hindu priest. One night when I had just moved in: I was lying on the sofa in my room - before she and I had spent any extended period of time together. I was extremely upset. 
I had heard she was 'psychic' and I thought..."IF YOU'RE SO FUCKING PSYCHIC WHY DONT YOU COME AND HELP ME?!" 
Some moments later, she knocked on my door and with a smile she asked if I'd like her to give me a reading. I accepted and immediately felt a wave of relief - energy work. During my reading she communicated with passed relatives, explained my karma... and told me none of my dreams would come true! She said I'd get married to one of my soulmates after University. But only if I finished University. She said University would be the first thing I would both start and finish - in my entire life. I didn't even mind losing my dreams if I could have one of my soulmates. She saw how happy the thought made me so she didn't comment much about the fact that my dreams were much a better future than my soulmates could offer me. She was the funniest teacher I've ever had.  

She had a tetrahedron made of metal, fastened with polyester tights beside her bed. I sat in it with my legs crossed. She put some big headphones on me, gave me a recording of a meditation about Pleiadians. A woman's voice told me to put my hands on either leg facing up and imagine sitting with my Pleiadian guides placing their hands on mine. I visualised two dark male silhouettes, one sitting on either side of me. 

.... For some reason I was thinking I was holding hands with my LOVERS!


(Years later I would realise that they were two segments of a single body - and that they actually saw *me* as male.)

For three months before going to University - this Angel would teach me about Energy, Archetypes and the meanings of the colours I was drawn to. She had many names - CC, Mara, Lisa Samuel. She told me that she had been born with a star on her body and that the name she was given at birth meant "God's favourite". 

Once she was certain of my intentions, she kept telling me I was ready to be a reader but I was held back by feelings of insecurity - and a fear of being wrong. When I read for friends, they would often get upset by my readings - or even avoid the opportunities foretold ... just to prove me wrong. This was important to overcome the karmic cycle attached to being told I'm always wrong.

I don't know any spiritual teachers that have real 'friends', but that is a path you choose before you are born.

At University I studied under a family of great Spiritual teachers who guided me through an understanding of non-physical and the male gaze. I in turn taught them about the female gaze & automatic writing... something I had seen on a TV show. I sat with the headmistress of that University once and told her I was weighed down by the emotional energy of my class, and that the University environment had made me ill. We exist in a time where conversations like these are still too difficult to verbalise, I feel responsible to make it possible for people to communicate experiences like mine without persecution from other people or the mental health services. Since that conversation, society has endeavoured to acknowledge that introverts give out energy upon contact, which is most apparent through internet culture. 

I reached a difficult inner place that left me feeling hopeless - I began listening to Louise Hays meditations on youtube after an Israeli healer on Oranum called Massada recommended that I practice affirmations. Things began to happen to me that were absent of explanation: things that would make witnessing scientists denounce the practice entirely. 


Jealousy and insecurity are useful energies when they are transmuted into a place that affords a person a determination to self improve - but it is also dangerous, as people in positions of power over the autonomy of others may try to prevent them from speaking their truth. So where I experienced a karma of being controlled by others through believing I was wrong about my intuition, I then experienced people taking much more frightening lengths to silence me. Information is the most valuable concept on this planet - knowing is valuable.

I have met young people with telepathic abilities who have been forced to take psychiatric medication. It makes me furious to think that scientists could so stupidly be prolonging evolution. Contrast and debate is valuable - denial is not. 

I was filtered through the psychiatric system - I was hospitalised. I sat with a Doctor who was pretending to be a patient. On one occasion I told him that someone was about to die - and moments later a female patient in the hospital had strangled herself with a telephone wire. 


I've encountered many people that don't know how to identify a true teacher. Disrespecting me will result in a closed door & further consequences yet. 


I've seen fairies, ghosts, heard elementals, had embarrassing telepathic conversations with crushes and even put a hand through a burning fire to no affect. I've channelled the being many religions on this Planet call "God" and the being many religions on this Planet call "Lucifer" and regard both to be amongst my many, many spirit guides. 


I learned I was a medium when upon contacting O.T.O, I received a copy of the Book of the Dead - which I read twice. A chill went down my spine and I understood I channelled Alastair Crowley after looking at a picture of him, who dressed me for the first O.T.O meeting I'd attend and taught me that leaving a pen unattended was a sin. Mediumship is a very subtle practice, for which I personally retain my own consciousness. If you would like me to channel the energy of a being who has passed or remains alive, think of them as you speak to me... I'm a sponge of sorts. 

I am a dreamer in an awakened state. But the extent of the importance that my personal journey should have to you is merely that it is possible for you to become aware of your own. It is apparent in the small details of everything you do and everywhere you go. 

I have learned that there is more, and through connection and time I can prove it with facts and signs. Please think of me as an archetypal White Rabbit.