Cutting Ties.

You can.

When you see a person, understand that they are:


a fragment of a soul with a connection to yours.

This is an inescapable reality on Earth.


they are composed of a Spirit or perhaps many more than one -

and it is through SPIRIT and the rejection of the soul fragment that binds us to the hive mind

that we are able to grow and therefore become our true selves.


A person can choose to act as they have throughout time - this is the SOUL FRAGMENT WITHIN

Or they can choose to do something that they have never done before - this is the SPIRIT(S) WITHIN

Often the latter is the more difficult of the two, because beings are often a slave to feelings of embarrassment or other unfortunate developments in the Ego that are often confused for self awareness. 

Sometimes the experiences you manifest are a result & product of your karmic history,

which can even - and often does - predate your birth. Connected: you will find that we all have ONE story to tell, from a variety of perspectives.

Sometimes your experiences are a manifestation of feelings of guilt that you carry, after already

having paid back your karmic debts with interest.

I urge you to consider whether you are really inclined to cut ties before participating in this visualisation.

If you are truly compelled & inclined to cut ties with an individual, please wait until you are in a state of neutral emotion.

This necessitates that you allow yourself to be aware of your true feelings towards them, acknowledge the feelings and then consciously release them. You will know that your emotions towards the individual are neutral when you have no ill-feeling to them and more importantly - no concealed attraction.

liken & visualise your connection to that person in a reel of thread. Every time the person enters your thoughts, pull the thread and visualise yourself cutting it.

Then visualise yourself burning the thread you have cut.

Then visualise yourself pouring the ashes into a river.

This is an act of Physical & Spirit.
You will in time disconnect with the physical person and the spirit(s) they carry.


The soul fragment may find you in another physical body, in which case determine if they are physically attractive enough for you to relive past karma because once you've lived your story enough to know your deeper narrative, you realise that on Earth - once you've learned all your lessons & developed your inner being so that you exist as the best version of yourself (still ever-developing) ...

physical is really all that matters.



PLEIADIAN Lessons channelled through CETRA for Human Kind by H&H