Have you lived a life of conditions dictated to you by family, "friends" & partners? 

Faced knowing that things would simply become wonderful if you got your own way - but instead meeting only with constant disappointment? Felt out of "control"? Felt abandoned?

Believe it or not - you might be a runner!

Or you might be experiencing the karmic debt of trying to control your 'runner'.

You'll work it out.


For now: you are a fragment of a Freedom loving soul, harbouring secret obsessions that you spend hours and hours daydreaming about every day. Also - an individual perpetually trapped into inaction by occurrences seemingly out of your control. Kind of like the feeling you experience applying for a job you were perfect for, really wanted

and through some sequence of events - just not getting it.

You just might not know it yet. Don't worry, we're going to change reality, together.

Before you continue reading, for a brief moment ACCEPT this: there is NO such thing as a FRIEND. 
The people we invite - on any level of intimacy - into our lives, and even our perceived enemies are 

fragments of the energies that surrounded us growing up.


Remove yourself from your given notion of sexuality, gender, Heritage, culture or religion.

See yourself in your minds eye as only a silhouette with no genetic identity.

Just for a moment. And we advise you stop masturbating or having sex.
Not because masturbation or having sex is wrong, but because your reasons for doing so are wrong. 

Now remember that your consciousness chose the body you're living in,

& therefore you chose your family. 


You may have been subjected to abuse by your family, in which case you will have been subjected to abuse from others.


But even this can be overcome if you are prepared to accept that many of the solutions you allow yourself are not true.


In the process of realising your narrative you must return to your childhood because your family are your primary indication of the karma you've created & endured through time. We advise you consider your family with identities and personal histories disconnected to you as this creates the least resistance in the process. See your family members as individuals with their own aspirations, pains, struggles and vibrant stories to tell. A useful means of doing so is by drawing comparisons through observing archetypes found in myths, or various 'fictional' stories that resonate with you.  Although these family members present in your childhood may not be present now, the affect they had on your life will easily translate into a way that makes sense of the energies of the people you believe you have chosen to be present in your life.

This is unconscious, inescapable karmic manifestation.

This is the unspoken reality of existing on Earth.

You entered this World knowing that you would have obstacles to overcome, for the greater good of human kind. Through simply existing you are offering an active service to humanity.

You entered this world with conditions - your childhood dreams & aspirations indicate the conditions through which you would accept your own karma and therefore the path of growth your soul fragment was prepared to walk in order to catalyse the evolution of the conscious collective.

You came here to honour your dreams and not to justify them to anyone, except for yourself.

You are non-physical experiencing physical through a body of perci-eve-ing atoms.



Now bring your attention back to physical. This is the sculpture that carries your non-physical.

This life and existence is an opportunity for your non-physical being to have fun, is that not all your child-self wanted? Who made you think it was wrong to pursue fun?


Now. Picture yourself in your minds eye.

Accept that this is what you look like.

There may be changes you are compelled to make, but first find a way to get over your insecurities without changing anything. Smile about the aspects of yourself that you'd prefer to feel hateful towards. Laughter is a good method of accepting painful truths that make it hard for you to have fun.

Master the art of self-loving-self-deprecation. Because by the end of this, you should have nothing bad to say or think about yourself and no attraction to those who even for a moment make you think something negative about yourself.


If being in a person's company makes you feel inadequate, that person is toxic for you.

(But don't hold it against them, you're just not compatible in your current phase of growth.

And a truth even more difficult to digest: you might even be the toxic one.)

Acknowledge the worser aspects of yourself:

Perhaps your non-physical is drawn to finding beauty, both inner & outer.

That is my personal truth.

We are taught that the appreciation of one's own physical beauty is vanity and that vanity is wrong,

but when I look deeper into this mentality I find that it is a notion perpetuated by men, who have not been taught to manifest the beauty of their own residual inner self through physical. 



The FIRST Lesson is: Be comfortable with yourself

release feelings of shame, guilt & insecurity. You may experience some inner conflict over your decision to do this if you've spent your life being made to feel less than your worth. 


The Second Lesson is to Love Yourself. Really, really obsess over yourself. If you associate with toxic people that make you hate yourself, your twins feelings about you will reflect that.

Cut ties with people that don't make you feel good about yourself.


Don't Judge a person's worth by Their Physical Appearance. You do not have to be physical, or physically attracted to someone to have a relationship with them, so have a better reason for your interactions than their bodily make up. A great deal of your relationship karma comes from your experiences with being rejected and rejecting others, not from the fun/easy stuff.

The Notion of Human Beauty is subject to a given model reflecting a current hive-mind perception.

You have spent your life being told what is physically beautiful. 


Just remember that through studying Fashion and the Arts we learn that no form of beauty perception is unchanging. There is a lot of pain to be found in chasing physical beauty if you cannot accept that beauty is connected to a timeline dictated by fashion - and the hive-mind. Try to constantly redefine the concept: if it's of great importance to you. In doing so you might find a calling in helping unusual-looking people to appreciate their uniqueness. NEVER allow someone to stop you from living your personal truth. If indeed, it is your personal truth.

The Third lesson is: Know Thyself.

Know your own narrative.

We are given ONE story throughout time, until we are enlightened enough to remove ourselves from it. 

Therefore, know your karmic cycles and then Evaluate the relationships in your life by observing key moments that shaped your personality, because this is your karma and this will come up again and again until you confront it correctly.  And when I refer to your personality, I do not mean the self that you show to others. I mean the self that exists only in your mind - your mind is the only thing about you that is real. 

In Buddhism we learn about the wheel of life, we also learn about cyclical human behaviour through psychology. Those who study and manufacture computers aim to create structures that serve & perform repetitively and predictively to meet their given purpose and this is a reflection of the human state of being that creates suffering. consistency is not key - that is illustrated through the process of making mistakes.

In ANY pursuit of knowledge or acquisition of experience there will be consistencies and simple truths that reflect the underlying principles of existing on this plain. Acquiring knowledge & learning rules is useful because it offers you a principle or way of being to challenge. Know the script, refine it & omit what doesn't feel right with your deepest inner being. 

If you have come to learn the truth of your narrative from every possible perspective & there is an aspect of your ONE story that causes you pain - impulsively act against your programming and experiment with intention so you can later reflect. A word of caution - there are instances in which pain catalyses growth. 


The Fourth lesson is: Upon the understanding that you are re-entering the most painful cycles of your life by pursuing your twin, i will offer you a final piece of advice for your inner being to interpret: If your Twin Flame is a runner, be a sprinter. ...And try sprinting in the opposite direction. 



PLEIADIAN Lessons channelled through CETRA for Human Kind by H&H

I've created a playlist of songs I recommend listening to, to try and help you understand the Twin Flame karmic cycle. Try to ignore whether your hivemind conditioning allows you to like the song - simply pay attention to how the songs make you feel - that is energy.

(Even embarrassment is an energy & it's one that is used to control you from being yourself.)

The BIBLE is an archetypal story

that has historically progressed through the influence of predating religious texts

that aimed to contextualise a metaphor that explained

how the Planet was created

& offered quiet solutions to problems encountered in non-physical & a means for coping with karma.

Its a story that carries an undeniable vibration of female suffering through the male need to control: which comes from a place of fear & love.

What is important however

is the story of UNIVERSAL co-creation. 


then the darkness, through self-awareness produced

the I vibration - SOUND which could not be perci-eved

SOUND then created an explosion of LIGHT


And through TIME best observed in a grain of sand





and that is why all matter of life-forms, such as gods & angels incarnate on earth.

We exist as varying fragments of these energies,

puzzle pieces with the capacity to find out perfect fit & connect to create an expansive image - evolution comes through completing our narrative together.


It is of no coincidence that the symbols that surround us in even the most mundane objects can offer deeper truths about our existence and trigger our soul-memories.

In Every Love-narrative there is a potential for an unconsidered romantic prospect. 

People viewed as ENERGIES that are not understood to be attached to one another in narratives - illustrated in the phrase  "you're not my type" are the root to catalysing evolutionary growth. 

Meaning: Sometimes the vibrational being you're inclined to overlook is the one most closely suited to you.

Through the growth encountered through brief conversations, interactions & moments we can't forget, we can find clues in solving our personal mysteries.



When people experience the Love vibration, the World changes.

The way in which the people connected to those in love experience the Worldly changes.

The love vibration cannot manifest

or be expressed through the sex-act or masturbation -

but the sex-act can be a product of it. 

This is when it is correct to reproduce.

And because this has NEVER been a true condition

of human reproduction, the same souls have incarnated

repeatedly. Earth has been formed by & of 12 souls.

New souls free of karma are waiting to be born!

sex is confused as being a physical requirement which can be observed in maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Sex is not a physical requirement, nor is masturbation - which can be observed in the happiness experienced by those who sincerely reject what is perceived as "Worldly" life.

When people are not experiencing the Love vibration, existing in the world often becomes a very painful experience. The only remedy for this IS to love yourself - and often this is when your "absent" soulmates & their fragments come running back into your thoughts.

As a collective consciousness, when we are hurting we release pain energy.

This manifests World disasters - unfortunate divine ordinance.

Without coincidence these disasters often result in mass-deaths. Abraham Hicks teaches that ALL death is a soul-CHOICE.

{Without a body connecting & anchoring us to "reality", we have more power.}




we feel at justified liberty to continue the discussion

to state that the significance of these instances of death/manifested mass suicide is that the 12 souls determine locations carrying clusters of physical bodies that hold crucial karmic information. 

These deeply hurting soul fragments who are not aligned with their true purpose are chosen and redirected to a 'physical' point of greater alignment with their true being.

the soul fragments of loved ones and even unloved ones pass to re-merge in physical bodies that are closest to a time-frame and soul-fragment within a body that had some co-purpose that needed to be met.

That purpose is ALWAYS some form of love and the pursuit of happiness.

It is Love that literally keeps this Planet alive.

As is life, death is a service to ALL.





PRAGMA - a state of love experienced through PERMANENCE
and ONLY THEN do we achieve EROS.

Unfortunately we are collectively - often - prevented from love removed of conditions.

because of what the bible would describe as the seven sins which have been mis-taught by teachers & poorly depicted in the writings of men who did not have the self awareness to remove themselves from their ego-need to impress their own faults.

Sex and masturbation connected to the wrong intentions

is NOT "wrong" or "sinful" but has often unconsidered consequences.

When you share thoughts and visualise through masturbation, you share energies & manifest.

The act produces consequences in non-physical.

It is important to determine whether the person you visualise in this form of meditation is sending you these mental images. 

Ambiguity aside - you share your mental images with your soul group.

And men use this act as a means of controlling women's thoughtscapes.

Have you ever noticed the guy you daydream about never really ends up dating you?

He prefers his fantasy of you.

Through sex we create energetic-bonds or SOUL-ties that

affect us physiologically.

For example - introverts that copulate with extroverts

suffer with great fatigue if they fail to cut ties.

We have discussed that there is a difference between the SOUL and SPIRIT.

Through Sex we connect on a soul-level - you are not just having sex with a person, you are having sex with their collective soul group. that includes the many energetic bodies with whom that individual is connected - 

which creates a butterfly effect on ALL of your future relationships.

Forgive the crudeness, but you're not just having sex with one person - you're fucking their "family/best-friends/pets/worst enemies" too. Whoever is in their thoughts is being locked into that physical connection too. Do not have sex under these conditions.

Do not create new life under these conditions if you want to step outside of your karmic cycle.

I am not saying this with an intent to control your life-choices or recreational pursuits,  or even impose a morality upon others.

I am saying this because I believe you deserve the truth. What you do with the information afterwords is your own business.

Please Read About CUTTING TIES and return to the next section at a later date.

We are often taught by soulmates: the strength of "freedom" in being happy alone & in that, there is an opportunity for finding self-love & connecting with source.  But it is important to explain that this is a lie you have been told - justified by the insecure-physical.


Solitude should be a choice - not a state of being imposed upon you by others.
When a soul-group chooses to reject one of their own, they may forever lose a part of themselves.

the next phase of karma rests with that individual.

consider the christian GOD and LUCIFER

- not as emblems of good versus evil -

but as the truest example of twin-flames.

"I am the way, the truth & the light"

Lucifer in latin means: "light-bringer"

Twin-flames are connected, as yin & yang.

You have a twin, I have a twin.
Are you my twin? You wish. (I wish)

Isn't it strange how the soulmate that teaches you "how to be alone" is often the one that has never truly spent any time alone? The soulmate(s) that do this are often projecting their feelings about their parents onto you.


They are lacking in a fear of ever losing you - which in turn causes them to take you for granted. 

They know where you are and they know you'll come running to them when they "need" you to.

don't perpetuate this.

Not for your own sense of self, but for theirs.

WALK AWAY from these soulmates and enter a fresh karma with a fragment of them that has been taught to value yours.


Continue to do this as often as you need to. 


Imagine reaching adulthood and carrying a karmic tie to a soul-fragment that has taught you they will love you unconditionally, or "always be there for you, no matter what."

The fragment you project this kind of relationship onto will be programmed to love you like the person that created this dynamic with you in your childhood - and what is worse is that they will be programmed to endure how you treated that parent in the worst moments of your growing phases.

being able to access every kind of happiness to excess - never having learned the importance of growth (Evolution) 

NO human - parent, guardian, friend or teacher - exists solely to love you and meet your inner OR physical needs, even if they deceive themselves into thinking so. by encouraging them to believe so, you rob them of their divine simply to soothe your own and that is a selfishness that will affect all of your future relationships.

Believing your happiness to be more important than a parent's breeds future relationships where a person invites numerous lovers into their lives, ONLY to mimic unhealthy, parasitical familial ties that never forced them to grow. 

Therefore sincere appreciation - not codependence - is something that should be taught in childhood, at any cost. which is why there are so many infants masquerading as adults.

Abusive parents are exemplary of this, sadly. 

Conversely - Have you often attracted into your life - friends that remind you of your parents?

Never admitting when they're wrong, never being able to apologise, never taking good advice?

They push their deepest fears into your personal experience because

you are an earth to their pains.

Human beings are resilient and therefore learned to believe the myth that it is possible to exist happily alone.

This lie was the birth of the Runner dynamic. 

But through the unhappiness of those who were forced to exist alone

we have reached enlightenment.

Nicely put, I suffered so you wouldn't have to.

Spirit urges you to accept that in fact - you are never, ever alone.

If your soulmates & your Twin can't function on your level, try contacting your guides.

They're hotter than your soulmates & twins And have learned to love through quietly co-existing with you.


The only obstacle is their physical distance