Ask three questions and I will respond with a 3-4 page .PDF document detailing what I've read from my tarot cards. 


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  • I will do a three card spread to answer each question or query, which means I will pick a total of nine to ten cards out of my pack. Please give my readings anything from 2 days to 2 months to even 2 years to fully make sense to you.

    You will recieve a 3 to 4 .PDF document via email with my answer, so please check your junk mail. 

  • I do not charge much and I do not do refunds. Tarot readings are intended as a form of entertainment. Give my readings anything from 2 days to 2 years to make sense to you.

    I do not charge much and I do not do refunds.

    Tarot cards are a teaching tool - intended to be a means of helping the querant (you) consider areas of potential self development at their best, and they are a form of entertainment at their very worst. 

    Tarot cards are archetypally predictive, therefore you (the querant) agree to maintain a sense of healthy skepticism in participating with a reading and you also agree and understand that we are not responsible for your response to your reading.