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Tarot cards are a fantastic guidance tool for breaking down the infinite details of our complicated Earthly lives. By all intents and purposes, I believe that a tarot spread should reveal a concise, personal, direct and even detailed narrative for us (me as the reader, you as the querent) to ruminate over and - sometimes the cards messages can be so profound that they might inspire us to entirely reevaluate how we confront the human experience. Before purchasing a reading or even drawing out a spread of your own, please endeavour to agree within yourself to be receptive; as information is always useful - and whether you are prepared to accept the message or not: the truth is that there are many ways of perceiving the life experience. Tarot is life-changing, any means by which we can discuss the potential for life should be life changing - so I am compelled to advise that you deliberate prior to asking question(s) to be as certain as you are capable of being - as to whether your asking is motivated by an expansive outlook towards the very great and significant personal journey that is your life.
The cards are rarely time specific as they describe your behavioural cycles - whatever you've been doing with consistency since infancy will be apparent. Whether you are aware of the fact or not - we have been repeating the same stories throughout our entire lives. Tarot cards help us to realise this and also aid us to overcome obstacles with a fresh perspective. The cards generally stay the same but the order in which they appear in a spread is always unique.
Buddhism suggests that the one thing that unifies people is "suffering". Law of Attraction suggests we manifest our own struggles. I believe I chose to be born into a life that would throw me into many kinds of struggle and conflict so that I might better understand the struggles of others and be of service in that respect. If you are like me, you might enjoy the hindsight and foresight that Tarot affords you.


I believe that absolutely everyone is capable of finding meaning in the cards - or resonating with any piece of Art (as that is exactly what tarot reading is) - and I highly encourage people not to associate the cards with 'divination', 'magic' or even 'fortune telling' - because although it is possible to use them as a means to do both - that doesn't begin to explain the potential the information can have or how deeply a reading might influence your life.


I regard the images on the cards as representative of the archetypes that are apparent in psychiatry, religion and the arts and I employ what I've learned from those schools of thought respectively into each reading. Therefore this practice is not engaging with the occult. It is important to me that I respect that many people practice faith or value systems that warn them against prophecy - I do not use the cards to prophesy. A reading with me will not attempt to indicate your future, if the reading is successful your future should be entirely impossible to determine. When our minds are opened to new possibilities, we learn we are able to aspire to achieve things that have never been achieved before. It is my ambition to assist you towards finding your own enlightenment and to determine your own path - so my readings really ought only to help you understand your past and your present.


Every reading purchased is accompanied by a .PDF document, which I will have annotated for your personal records and I would advise you to revisit those notes periodically. Successful readings generally help us to identify our cyclical behaviours - that is - what we have been doing consistently throughout our lives. The human experience is itself quite cyclical and consistent, to some degree we repeat ourselves. The cards offer us the opportunity to gain some awareness of what we keep doing, inspire an internal dialogue and also motivate us to think differently. 


I have been practising Tarot for ten years. I am confident that you will find that my readings will provide you an accurate insight and that it is unlikely you will want or need to purchase more than one reading, I am not interested in the practice solely for financial gain - nor am I inclined to encourage you to purchase a reading if you aren't prepared for a truth you weren't ready to hear. The cards very rarely inform a person of something they weren't already aware of, however. Life has it's own way of offering us warnings, but living in fear is also inadvisable. If you preemptively feel fear or a sense of reluctance towards the purchase of the information delivered by a card reading, please don't invest in one. I encourage you to value your own intuition, it is superior to any card reading.

I charge for the energy expended towards giving you a reading that I believe should offer you feelings of hope, if I were charging for the information I would charge a lot more. My readings are inexpensive because when I met with a teacher who encouraged me to develop my gifts, she asked me what my motivations were and I said "to give people hope" and she in turn told me that our intentions are the most important aspect behind all of our actions and decisions.  I have been invited to be a reader for prestigious companies and politely declined those invitations where the cards have informed me that the companies were dishonest, or have otherwise not allowed me to credit my teachers because it was seen as 'advertising'. I am not business-minded and I believe that when you use gifts that allow you to exchange intimate and personal information, it is out of respect for others that you should only do so out of a motivation that will be of equal benefit. I take pride in being ethical, even if it has been to my personal detriment and at a great personal cost.

A successful reading ought to be life changing and exciting - not foreboding - but sometimes information is exchanged that can be painful or distressing to hear. For this reason, readers are advised to request that querents sign contracts agreeing that the reading is for entertainment purposes. I think that this legal safety net is a formality that actually affects readings. So I will disclaim this: 

If you are not prepared for a reading - don't get one. I am not legally responsible for your reaction. If you require a further dialogue or discussion about a reading, please contact me using the form provided on my site or otherwise seek a professional counsellor or therapist. Often we react poorly to information because we are reluctant to accept it's truth - likewise we are hurt by dishonesty and here I say:


Don't shoot the messenger. "It's only a card reading." 



I think it is important to disclaim that the most crucial aspect of what one can expect from the cards is precisely how "open" they are to interpretation.

For example, a spread might suggest you spend more time with your family - in a reading intended to be about your career, or, perhaps, even your love life. I'd personally encourage you to take that message farther than it's own inherent simplicity. Spending time with family might be important because it could help you to better understand the subtle similarities in the relationships between those you've chosen to help you grow, such as friends, and the people that you grew up with - which might give you a better understanding of how to navigate the relationships in your work place.


Family is often like "level one" of interacting with the individuals you will later realise to be your soul group. Along that vein - it is also through learning to spend time with loved ones that we remember who we "are", or who we might have wanted to be - and what kind of interaction stopped us from doing so. It is not uncommon for us to be so affected by nasty comments made in our childhoods that we simply gave up pursuits of dreams and talents that might have been closer to our life path. 

Sometimes - often, in fact - the cards aren't going to offer the answer or solution you're searching for - but rest assured that if you are receptive - they will guide you to and through repetitive life cycles and shine some light on an aspect of your being or experience that you may not previously have considered. Truly the most important message a tarot reading can offer - is to never give up because our stories always turn around. We sow the seeds for our best moments in our worst moments, and vice versa.